Naive - Dark Chocolate - Gonzalo Ordones Nano Lot

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What is Nano_Lot? 
Nano_Lot cocoas are available on an extremely limited basis and consequently only at specific times of the year, meaning once they are gone, they are gone. Those that Naive has chosen to feature boast the highest ratings, are of rarest quantities and provide the unique tasting experience. We strongly believe that these are the world's best cocoas because of the amount of R&D given to them.
The Ariari river is what brings life to this biodiverse farm. The river comes down from Andean mountains and streams into the Rio Orinoco, the basin of evolution and dispersion of the Theobroma species. The territory started to be colonised by farmers about 60 years ago but soon it was overtaken by paramilitary and guerrilla groups fighting each other in the small rural towns along the river. Puertorico, the municipality of Gonzalo's farm, was split by two illegal armies with every day's bullets and deaths ensuring the provision of raw materials for narco industry. But times have changed and finally, Gonzalo can develop a project that is defining the new future for the region and now he is able to dedicate his efforts and knowledge to produce Cacao of Excellence quality.


Pod: This chocolate is made by selecting the best of Saravena pods, a Colombian trinitario clones. These yellow and green pods are divided by clusters to group them by size, shape and chemical composition. This separation provides very homogenous nanolots with a high percentage of well-fermented seeds and a distinctive profile. Gonzalo's cacao was selected on a national level as one of the best Colombian cacaos and will take part in the 2017 World Cocoa Award.
Bean: It took almost two years to develop the fermentation protocol for these oblong and purple cacao seeds. Universal fine trinitarios were mixed with Colombian genotypes known for their generous yield and relation to ancient Criollos. The sensory profile the world hasn't known yet.
Flavour: Combination of many subtle flavours and aromas, including unripe banana, dark bread, a little bit of plum and nutty almond flavours too.
Aftertaste: Clean and short, up to 4 minutes.  
Quality: Slightly bitter but with very little astringency although with a little bit of dry mouthfeel.
Conche: 40 hours. 


cacao, sugar, cacao butter.
Weight: 55 g

Maker Description

Each and every day Naive Chocolate makes outstanding bean-to-bar chocolate in a tiny town on the Eastern side of Lithuania.