Kankel Cacao - Dark Chocolate - Philippines 75%

Kankel Cacao
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Kankel is committed to terroir. Going beyond soil, climate and topography, collective wisdom results from the work of people with the natural environment which give those original products their distinctive characteristics. The goal is to bring you on a memorable trip to the places of their origin. The essence of each territory is reflected in cacao beans that are transformed, without any unnecessary intervention, into a bar in which the variety and the elaboration process are manifested without artifice. 

 With this Phillippines bar, you can expect to be excited about tropical fruitiness and the exotic flavours of Tupi region of the Phillippines. The name of the region derives from the word "Tufi" which means "grapevine". A wonderful quirk of fate for the brand from La Rioja wine region of Spain. 


MAKER: Kankel Cacao, Spain


CACAO ORIGIN: Tupi Region, South Cotabato, the Philippines. 

CACAO VARIETY: Trinitario Hybrid, Criollo of 1670.

FERMENTATION PROCESS: 4 days in wooden boxes.

DRYING: up to 7 days on tables.

ROAST: Smooth.

CONCHING: Shiny Grain.

WEIGHT: 75g (2.64 oz)


Cocoa, sugar, pure cocoa butter.

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and strong odours. Store at maximum
18 ° C in its original packaging