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Product Description

Conching time: 36 hrs.
A pure, 100% single origin chocolate, which will open up a new world of cocoa to your palate, entirely without unnecessary sugar or milk add-ons. An authentic cocoa indulgence, powerful and natural. Experience the aroma explosion of this fruity-citrussy cocoa from Madagascar, shaped by the terroir of an island that has some of the most fascinating biodiversity in the world.
Fragrance notes: intense notes of berries, nuts and savoury baked goods, echoes of coffee and earthy tones 
Taste notes: roasty notes of nuts and wood, creamy character with hints of coffee, intense berry aroma (raspberries, redcurrants, lingonberries), notes of citrus and salt
2 x 32,5 g bars 
Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date
Weight: 65 g


Dark Chocolate 100%°
Ingredients: cocoa mass°* Single origin chocolate with cocoa beans from Madagascar. 
Cocoa: 100% minimum
*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 100% 
°from controlled organic cultivation
May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, sugar, sesame and soy.

Maker Description

Zotter has reinvented chocolate with their giant bonbons -- the hand-scooped chocolates which are the hallmark of the chocolate company. Featuring addictive and sometimes adventurous flavor combinations, these chocolates are layers of miracles artfully made; by hand. Sleeved by funky graphic art created by a dear friend, Zotter’s chocolates are not only downright delicious, but also giftable. The company’s focal point is on variety, quality, and innovation with a strong infusion of creativity, sustainability, 100% organic and fair trade quality with physical traceability. Have some guilt-free indulgence.

Customer Reviews

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Jessica TAN
Very Very Super Bitter


Hello Jessica. Thanks you for you review. Somehow agree with you that this particular bar is bitter due to the fact that it is NO-SUGAR single-origin pure dark chocolate (what is stated in it's name). But many high-cacao chocolate lovers consider it to be an advantage not a flaw of this bar. Although the 1-star review in this case, in our humble opinion, somewhat unfair and subjective (taking in account that it is the only bar that you ordered from u), we decided to keep it public to serve as a warning sign for those who expect their NO-SUGAR dark chocolate to be sweet and milky. Thanks for shopping with Hello Chocolate.