Akesson's - Milk Chocolate - Brazil 55%

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Product Description

If you deeply believe that only pure dark chocolate can be named "chocolate" this bar can shake your faith. Yes, it is that good!This bar is made of one of the best cocoa beans from Brazilian plantation of Bertil Akesson - Fazenda Sempre Firme. This plantation is located right in the middle of wild forest with rich and diverse soil. Local community call this plantation Paraiso, which means "paradise". This chocolate bar is made of unique Parasinho forastero cocoa. This particular cocoa beans made this region famous around the world at the beginning of 20th century. And now they gave birth you this dark milk chocolate masterpiece. We also can  state without any hesitation that this is bar is the best milk chocolate in our collection.      
Weight: 60g


2016, Academy of Chocolate Awards, Bean to Bar Under 45%, Bronze

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