Naive - Milk Chocolate - Porcini Mushrooms

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Product Description 

Porcini chocolate is another one of Naive's patented flavour combinations, invented by pure accident. It is an embodiment of the Naive / Forager collection and it is never viewed with indifference. The founder of Naive collects the wild porcini mushrooms and combines them with velvety chocolate using a specially engineered method. Why not take a little forage yourself and embrace your adventurous side?


cacao*, sugar*, cacao butter*, wild forest honey, bee pollen*, sunflower lecithin*. May contain traces of milk or nuts. Cacao min. 65%. *-organic

Weight: 55 g

Maker Description

In a little town on the Eastern side of Lithuania, Naive Chocolate makes outstanding bean-to-bar chocolate. Each and every morning, the chocolate master carefully roasts fresh cacao beans whose delicious aroma gently awakens the residents of the town. Just as they were hundreds of years ago, cacao beans are slowly rolled and conched to release their extraordinary bouquet of fruits, nuts and flowers in a delicately finished chocolate bar. These handcrafted bars are later stored to mature and form a complicated array of tastes and seasonings. Two key principles are most important to Naive. First, the maker only works with the best ingredients in the world. Second, they seek to become world-class craftsmen in working with this type of exquisite production. Naive makes chocolate in ways that help to reveal the character of a particular cacao bean. The chocolate is finally born after a meticulous analysis of taste, colour, smell and texture.