PARADAi - Milk Chocolate - Nakhon Si Thammarat 58%

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International Chocolate Awards Winner - Silver - World Competition 2018. 

An exclusive bean-to-bar chocolate collection inspired by Thai cacao.

PARADAi’s multimedia visions of the Thai heritage are transcendental and yet immediately familiar. Juxtaposing iconic, exotic, and tropical elements of Thailand, we knew this unmistakable style would be a perfect fit for this exclusive Hello Chocolate collection of the best craft chocolate from around the world. This full-package set features single-origin bars like this Dark Milk Chocolate Nakhon Si Thammarat 58%% and Thai-flavours-infused chocolates featuring PARADAi’s artwork galloping picturing Asian patterns and gods, with the silhouettes of cacao pods—three of PARADAi’s most distinctive physical features—towering in the background. Bonus points: numerous international chocolate awards make for one hell of a gift.


MAKER:  PARADAi Chocolate, Thailand.

COCOA ORIGIN: Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.


WEIGHT: 50g (1.76 Oz)


Cocoa beans, organic sugar, milk powder

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and strong odors. Store at maximum
18 ° C in its original packaging