Soma - Milk Chocolate - Starry Night

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Chocolate and salt have intertwined destinies. Like magical stardust, salt changes and intensifies how Soma taste different components of chocolate, adding a new and different dimension of flavour. 

The milk Starry Night is finished with a twinkle of crunchy sea salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company. Soma went to visit Peter and Robin's beautiful little factory in Bonavista, Newfoundland in the summer. Their crystals were the prettiest and tastiest Soma have ever experienced.

Maker Description

SOMA was conceived in the minds of a couple from Canada, who sought to find new ways of creating and enjoying chocolate. As fascinating as every definition of the word, SOMA’s creations are truly out of this world and mystical. An otherworldly experience has been curated for the recipients of their chocolates, one that transcends human comprehension.