Utopick - Dark Chocolate - Nugu 85%

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The chocolate is made from Nicaraguan cocoa beans from Nugu region and has a high content of cacao that automatically moves it into category of low-sugar dietary bars. But it is not necessary means that it is difficult to eat. Like all creations by Utopick this bar is healthy and addictively delicious. 


Notes of vanilla, plum, raisins and white flowers. 


Organic cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter 
Weight: 75 g

Maker Description

Hola from Valencia, aka “Valour of Spain”. Utopick Chocolate has perfection in its blood. They know that while it might take a little more gear and elbow grease, no mass-market chocolate can compare to a well-made single origin dark chocolate bar or dark milk chocolate with gin and tonic.