Pacari - Dark Chocolate - Juniper Enebro Gin 60%

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Juniper berries are the very dominant botanical required to make gin. The aroma and taste of juniper should be the signature of any gin, and this is what this bar has to offer. All the taste without the buzz, it’s safe to say some of us will be sneaking this as a midday coffee break snack. This bar is for the classy and sophisticated taste buds, offering a gentlemanly touch to an unadulterated bar. Gone are the days where we have to adorn maroon velvet robes and lounge slippers, seated in an over-sized armchair having an existential crisis before we drink gin. We eat juniper berry dark chocolate now.


International Chocolate Awards, World 2019 - Gold
International Chocolate Awards, Americas 2019 - Gold


Organic cocoa, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic dehydrated juniper (enebro), SIN 322 emulsifier (organic sunflower lecithin)
Weight: 50g

Maker Description

The gold standard for bean-to-bar chocolate, winning 207 awards nationwide and international and counting, the best chocolate FOR the world. The fundamental mission of Pacari is to care for the planet by giving back the life it brings through quality and socially responsible international chocolate. Through this philosophy, Pacari has generated and adapted practices that cover all aspects of agriculture -- ecological, economic, and social.