Fossa - Dark Chocolate - PISA 68%

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Single-origin chocolate made from cacao produced by Produits Des Iles SA (PISA), a cacao processor and exporter in the North of Haiti where the majority of the cacao grows. Blessed with rich soil, the area produces different crops like coffee, banana and even the oranges used for the famous Grand Marnier liqueur. 
You will find plums and raisins up front with the floral honey aroma, leading to a red wine-like tannic finish.
Started by the Dufort family in 2014, PISA is dedicated to helping the country’s cocoa growers understand the value of their products and increase the market’s appreciation of quality cacao. It works with an association of 1,489  smallholder farmers, 476 of whom are female, across the foothills of the Massif de Nord mountain range. Together, they manage 974 hectares of organic certified land. PISA pays farmers double what they would normally receive for raw cocoa beans, motivating farmers to protect their trees from the charcoal market.
In the past farmers had to bring their cocoa beans to marketplaces where big companies were dominating the purchases. This resulted in poor quality and low prices for the beans. PISA purchases the wet cacao straight from the pod, driving around the area six days a week. The PISA truck is accompanied by one quality manager checking whether the pods are ripe and picking the right beans straight after opening the pods. The wet cocoa is then carried in buckets to the premises where it is put into wooden fermentation boxes. During the next 160 hours, the cocoa beans are monitored closely on temperature and flipped over to four different box levels.
After the fermentation, the beans are sun-dried in tunnels especially designed for optimal air circulation. When the cocoa beans have reached a humidity level of between 6.5 and 7 percent, the drying process is completed. Before bagging, PISA uses a gravity table to remove all the dust, stones, flats and other non-cocoa related matter, resulting in a batch of clean and properly selected cocoa beans.


Raisins, floral honey, tannic finish


 Organic cacao beans (68%), cane sugar
Weight: 35 g

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