Soma - Dark Chocolate - Porcelana 70%

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12 years after learning about this rare cacao (often referred to as the holy grail of cacao) we were able to secure a few bags of these precious beans from the region south of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. Estación Experimental Chama, is a germplasm bank dedicated to the preservation of Porcelana, most of its harvest reserved for replanting.
A gentle roast & conch exposes an extraordinary and complex chocolate containing a full scale of delicate tasting notes. Very round with a freakishly long finish. Quiet & mighty, 


Origin: south of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
Notes: cream, cashews, figs, grass, strawberries, coconut, honey, orange marmalade


International Chocolate Awards: 
2015 World Gold 
2015 World Gold (directly-traded) 
2015 World Gold (chocolatemaker) 
2016 Americas/Asia Gold 
2016 Americas/Asia Gold (best in competition) 
2016 Americas/Asia Gold (directly-traded) 
2016 Americas/Asia Gold (chocolatemaker) 
2016 World Silver 
2017 Americas/Asia Silver 
2017 World Bronze
Academy of Chocolate: 
2018- Silver
2017- Silver

Maker Description

SOMA was conceived in the minds of a couple from Canada, who sought to find new ways of creating and enjoying chocolate. As fascinating as every definition of the word, SOMA’s creations are truly out of this world and mystical. An otherworldly experience has been curated for the recipients of their chocolates, one that transcends human comprehension.