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Prachuap Khiri Khan is located on the narrowest part of Thailand.
The province is famous for its pineapple and coconut production, some of the most important in the country. The cacao sourced in Prachuap grows at low elevation, closer to the ocean, providing us with a flavour unique to the region.


Tasting Notes: Creamy sweetness, fresh grass, smoked vanilla and a hint of coconut.


Cacao, Organic Cocoa Butter
Weight: 55 g 

Maker Description

Kad KoKoa is a premium bean-to-bar chocolate, founded by 2 lawyers, Paniti and Nuttaya in Thailand. They source beans directly from Thai farmers around Thailand. The team is attentive in the entire process of selecting, fermenting and drying beans to ensure we can represent the best flavours and aroma of Thai cacao when making into chocolate or as cacao beans. Kak Kokoa signifies a commitment to the environment and to the beautiful ecosystems of Thailand. They believe in Thai bean-to-bar chocolate, and we hope to bring the awareness of Thai cacao and chocolate to the global arena.