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Pure 100% dark chocolate meets vegan coconut white chocolate in this marbled, refined sugar-free swirl bar with bold, fruit-forward flavor and delicious contrast. The bright and creamy flavor of Kokoa Kamili cacao forms a base for the caramely, coconut sugar-sweetened toasted coconut white chocolate to bounce off of. The result is a playful twist on the 100% with a subtly sweet kick. 


Country of production: USA
Origin of beans: Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania
Cocoa content: 100%
Weight: 55g
Dietary features: gluten free, soy free, vegan.
How to store your chocolate: store in a cool dry place ideally at a constant temperature of 18 - 20 C


Organic cacao beans, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, organic toasted coconut, sea salt, organic sunflower lecithin, organic vanilla

Maker Description

When Raaka's people make chocolate they're after something that feels the way Raaka sounds: strong, wild, playful, and most of all, different. “Raaka” means “raw” in Finnish. The company does not have any Finish connections or origins, but the cadence of the word captures the essence of their processes and chocolates. The geniuses say that Raaka chocolates are made of unroasted cacao beans, which preserves the bold, bright, and fruitier flavors of the beans. Whatever the case, these chocolates are definitely Raaka-stars in our books and in our tummies.

Customer Reviews

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Zenia Zheng
Basically inedible

It just tastes rancid, sour (not in a nice fruity way but a rotten way), and over all off putting flavor. Not sure if its an issue with the condition of the chocolate or it's just not been properly taste tested...I do usually enjoy 100% chocolate (which is essentially what the majority of the bar is comprised of), but this is one of the rare bars of chocolate which I simply cannot continue eating.