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Raaka combines maple sugar and unroasted cacao for a rich, warm duo with deep fudge flavor. Toasted nibs add an addictive crunch. This bar reminds us of a pecan brownie. Pair it with a coffee or a good glass of whatever milk we're all drinking these days. 


75% cacao
Blend: ESCO Kivu, Eastern Congo & Öko Caribe Cooperative, Dominican Republic


Organic cacao beans, organic maple sugar, organic cacao butter

Maker Description

When Raaka's people make chocolate they're after something that feels the way Raaka sounds: strong, wild, playful, and most of all, different. “Raaka” means “raw” in Finnish. The company does not have any Finish connections or origins, but the cadence of the word captures the essence of their processes and chocolates. The geniuses say that Raaka chocolates are made of unroasted cacao beans, which preserves the bold, bright, and fruitier flavors of the beans. Whatever the case, these chocolates are definitely Raaka-stars in our books and in our tummies.

Customer Reviews

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Hung Chloe Jun-Yi
Review of maple and nibs chocolate

It was a very rich and deep flavour, I loved the crunch of the nibs to help balance the intensity of the chocolate. It was a bit too acidic (sourish) for me but I liked the bar overall.