Omnom - White Chocolate - Black N'Burnt Barley

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Bean-to-bar chocolate with Nothern design vibes.With the recent arrival of sweet ruby chocolate, it is clear what the big chocolate companies are all about. Marketing focused on millennials, hip colours, Instagram friendly. Although we are more attracted to the real and complex flavours of natural chocolate. We think that chocolate is too often regarded only as candy, while it is also meant to taste with attention. The beautiful diversity that is naturally in quality cocoa - that's what chocolate is all about for us. We see this deep black chocolate as a beautiful statement.
A chocolate that calls for asking questions. 

This black-white chocolate bar is a nice nod to the craft beer movement in which light to very dark roasted malt is, of course, an important ingredient for the good porter. Same with the Bunt Barley bar. It comes from the core of craft chocolate movement - chocolate crafted from bean-to-bar and everything in between. 


    • White chocolate with burnt barley malt.
    • Made from Nicaraguan cocoa beans. 
    • Black coffee, toast, malt.
    • Designed and made in Iceland


    Cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, Icelandic milk powder, roasted barley malt, organic Icelandic barley, barley malt extract, activated charcoal, sea salt, sunflower lecithin (E322), polishing agent, a sealing agent.
    Weight: 60 g

    Maker Description

    Omnom is a bean-to-bar chocolate producer in Reykjavik, Iceland. They use cocoa beans from different origins with interesting flavour profiles. They roast, crack, winnow and ground down beans with care and precision to achieve an ultimate flavour and texture in their chocolate. Omnom's goal is to use the highest quality of ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship to create a treat for you and your loved ones to enjoy.