Zotter - Hand-Scooped Chocolate - Pumpkin Seeds with Marzipan

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Halloween Inspired Chocolate.

Zotter's hand-scooped chocolate is a mixture of unlimited inventiveness and a lot of manual labour. They are filled chocolates. The fillings are spread on in layers on long tracks. During this process, up to 6 different layers are combined and coated all around with chocolate. Thanks to the wonderful compositions of taste and their unique design the Hand-scooped Chocolates have turned into a cult. 


  • dark milk Chocolate filled with marzipan and pumpkin seed nougat
  • caramelised pumpkin seeds are mixed with marzipan and flavoured with egg liqueur
  • contains a layer of pumpkin seed nougat with cracknel
  • covered with dark milk couverture with 60% of cocoa content


Contains Alcohol!
raw cane sugar°, pumpkin seeds°(20%), MARZIPAN°(18%: ALMONDS° & raw cane sugar° & invert sugar syrup°), cocoa mass°, cocoa butter°, FULL CREAM MILK POWDER°, fructose-glucose syrup°, MILK°, BUTTER°, apple brandy°, EGG YOLK°, SKIMMED MILK POWDER°, salt, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN°, whole cane sugar°, vanilla°, cinnamon° 

Weight: 70 g

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Zotter Chocolate