Why We Love Chocolate

We love chocolate for it’s diversity. We can find your perfect delicate and nuanced chocolate that will make us sit and slowly melt it. We also can find something even more complicated, something with fruits & nuts that will satisfy our craving for crunch or unusual flavours. We love that our delicious chocolate is the result of people’s hard work, passion and pedantic attention to details. We love to see how our visitors’ eyes light up when we share with them real chocolate during our testing sessions, how total strangers become our long-term friends.

There has never been a better time to love chocolate. In our online store you can find great chocolate selection that can be delivered to you as fast as next working day as your personal treat or as a gift. Our store is totally devoted to bringing finest chocolate from around the world to Singapore and to other countries of Asian continent. We are bringing totally new experience of consuming chocolate. Now you can study your chocolate, collect you chocolate, pair your chocolate with beverages and share you chocolate at any stage of your feast.

We can have our chocolate in confections and truffles or have in it’s pure natural form with inherited savour or fruity tastes of chocolate by itself. Did you know that chocolate can taste like dried cherry, caramel, cloves – or even mushrooms, rose petals, or toasted nuts? And all this without additional flavouring! Curious? Then, join the chocolate journey.

Want to share your chocolate experience with your loved ones or want to create and send your own personalised chocolate gift? Visit our chocolate gifts section and find a lot of chocolate gifts and hampers for any occasion.

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A New Image: Kids' Art and Chocolate Meet in Singapore

A New Image: Kids' Art and Chocolate Meet in Singapore
Singapore - Townsville Primary School

mothers day gift ideas | best chocolate

This coming Mother Day kids from Townsville Primary School will be our designers of honour. The school is one of the greatest examples of learning and, what is even more important,  displaying student’s art in Singapore with reproductions of Andy Warhol, Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso hanging along its’ corridors.

It was during one of the visits to the school the idea to show the kids how their art can be applied in real life came to our mind.  During the whole term, students of a Primary 5 class were submitting their variants of Mother’s Day gift cards highlighting how much the feelings toward the most important person of each child’s life can be transformed into creative visual form. The idea of the contest was to choose the most interesting works to produce a gift card that we will be a significant part of Hello Chocolate’s Mother’s Day gifts.   

 We were impressed by the level of interest, passion and creativity kids expressed through their works. Most adults accuse modern kids to be creative with e negative sign. We want to use our collaboration with Townsville Primary School to help draw a more positive picture, one better reflecting Singapore educational system’s evolving status as the capital of Asian art.

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Join Us at The Boutique Fairs

Chocolate, champagne and more for some lucky VIPs…

Working Thursday is over. Dangling from the doors of Formula 1 Pit Building whose light floods out onto the pavement: a ‘Boutique Fairs Singapore’ sign. You approach tentatively, glance up and down the street to check you aren’t being watched, then slip inside, half-expecting to be hushed and asked for the password…

Secrets and tries
Welcome to the next semi-annual Boutique Fairs, 2 days of exciting shopping with something special from the world of boutique businesses and design. One day you may find yourself tasting chocolate from around the world made with some of the most sought-after cocoa on the planet with high-end whisky, the next it may be a delicate coffee infusion paired with luxurious chocolates. And all this surrounded by the number of bright fashion and interior brands.  

How VIP event works
After a short introduction, with a glass of Champaign in hand, you’ll mingle with the other guests – numbers are limited so it’s an intimate in comparison with official 2 days, VIP experience – guided by your host as you consider the flavour profile of this evening’s focus. And than myriads of exclusive products from more than hundred of boutique vendors.

What if  I haven't received VIP invitation?
Don't be upset. You can freely visit Boutique Fairs during Friday or Saturday when they will be open for regular shopping. Just keep eating more amazing chocolates from around the world with Hello Chocolate and share some bubbles with us during Boutiques VIP event this November. 

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Hello Chocolate is coming to you with new exciting events in collaboration with Common Man Roasters and absolutely unique monthly chocolate subscription box. Numbers are limited at our hush-hush evenings, so join our e-mail list for details on how to book your place as well as how to be first to receive your box of rare chocolates with pre-launch discount. You can subscribe to our weekly e-mail on Hello Chocolate home page.

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The Story of the Best Chocolate in The World.

In 1500s Veracruz coast on the Gulf of Mexico was the party place to be. Back to those times crowds of Aztecs were raving all night, feasting, dancing and drinking chocolate infused with cinnamon, anise, pepper and orange blossom. Later in the history it would be known as The Best Party Ever Ruined. Legend has it that the warrior Montezuma consumed fifty chalices of the drinking chocolate before visiting his harem of numerous wives. Another benefit of real dark chocolate.

Drinking chocolate though was popularised by Mayans long before it was accommodated by Aztecs. Very often it was mixed with achiote that made drinker’s lips blood-red. But event before Mayans cacao was widely consumed by a group of fishers and farmers who lived in what is now Mexico’s Chiapas state between 1900 and 1500 B.C.

More than three thousand years after this, Christopher Columbus loaded his ships with cacao somewhere near the cost of Honduras. But like everything new it took time and some sugar to kick off the world’s love affair with what we know as the chocolate.

By the 1700s all European hipsters were flocking to cafes to sip chocolate. French chocolate makers made it thick and luxurious, while Italians preferred thinner option with citrus infusion.

Here comes Industrial Revolution. In 1800s names that are well-know now popped our of nowhere. Coenraad van Houten invented a process to make poor-quality cacao more eadable, Henri Nestle invented milk powder and milk chocolate and Rodolphe Lindt invented a machine that agitates chocolate to refine its flavour and texture. The rest belong to history.

But history is cyclic. While mass market producers like Van Houten, Nestle or Lindt are continuing to deteriorate quality of chocolate facing profit-demanding pressure from their shareholders, the whole new formations of boutique bean-to-bar chocolate makers from around the world appeared on chocolate scene. Like in 1700s the real chocolate becomes part of people’s lifestyle. It is a new cool to enjoy couple of squares of good artisanal chocolate from France, Switzerland or even Iceland melting it with a cup of aromatic Arabica. 

And it is always great to have such places as Hello Chocolate store which make the process even more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Order your chocolate now.

…and don't forget to share your passion. Create your own chocolate gifts box here and send it to day. We are offering same day delivery around Singapore.

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Our First Chocolate & Coffee Pairing Event with Common Man Coffee Roasters

The similarities between these coffee and chocolate are quite astounding from bean to bar, fruit to cup it really is an amazing adventure to follow. It's firstly important to understand the global shift in the way that we consume products which have greatly influenced both industries. This shift has seen more and more people demanding transparency in production processes and encouraging an emphasis on artisanal or handcrafted products.

chocolate and coffee event | hello chocolate | chocolate tasting events

This is something we have seen in chocolate with the so-called 'bean-to-bar' chocolate movement hitting Singapore now and we are starting to see this trend spread throughout the Southeast Asian area. However, it is not just chocolate that this movement has affected, from coffee to beer the trend is here, and looks likely to stay.

This focus on quality and traceability has been at the core of Hello Chocolate business since the beginning as we strive to bring you an a-grade product every time. Our ethos is to know the farmer and the maker and to support each step to your table. We want to live up to what craft means - a person or place known for making something very well.

chocolate and coffee | chocolate tasting events by Hello Chocolate

With this premise, we hooked up with the good people at Common Man Coffee Roasters to pair together some of their delicious chocolate with our coffee. Their entire range is specially curated to bring together a range of espressos and filtered coffee which showcase different textures and flavours. They also only carry products which pay attention to the source of ingredients and show a strong sense of social responsibility towards everyone involved in the production process - just our sort of people!

chocolate tasting events | best chocolate and coffee | hello chocolate

Just a brief comparison between the two industries, both coffee and chocolate are produced by tropical trees grown between 30 degrees north or south of the equator. Although they are grown at different altitudes (cacao in lower, warm climates whilst coffee much higher, cooler conditions), both trees are harvested for their seeds which then are processed (fermented, washed or sun-dried in most cases) to produce the beans we then roast to create the final product.

Interestingly there are also two original varietals of coffee (robusta and arabica) and cacao trees (criollo and forastero) with further species which are hybrids of these being found throughout the production region.

The night was filled with espresso and filter fun as we encouraged the guests to let the chocolate slowly melt on their tongues before letting the coffee flow over it bringing out all those delicious ever evolving flavour combinations.

chocolate tasting events by Hello Chocolate | chocolate & coffee

The best part of the night was that all proceeds from ticket sales where donated to The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Foundation Singapore who provide financial and emotional support for people with blood cancers and their caregivers.

Watch out for more events like these subscribing to our Hello Chocolate mail list, and remember if you would like to host a party or a chocolate appreciation workshop get in touch with us here.


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