Beau Cacao (France)

"We were genuinely torn over which bar to pick – both are excellent, delicious and intriguing. And they’re probably the best-looking bars we’ve seen, with their expertly crafted, geometric moulding and eye-catching packaging. The Asajaya, named after the estate on which its beans were grown, has a lot going on with the flavour, with a certain, almost herby kick to it, while managing to remain alluringly smooth."

The Independent

Excuse yourself, men. Beau Cacao will be our new beau. Alluring, mysterious, and dressed to the nines, these bars will bring you a modern sensory experience unlike no other. Visualize this: it's a beautiful, chilly night out. You're dressed elegantly in your best outfit, walking down a cobblestone alleyway lit intermittently with oil lamps. You've just had the grandest date night of exquisite food and wine, and romance is in the air. An intimate experience awaits with your significant other.

That is what a Beau Cacao bar tastes like. The meticulous attention paid to every aspect of the bar is reflected in the experience of receiving the bar in your hands, undressing it from the sustainably made packaging, the inviting sound from snapping a piece, then delivering it to your mouth, for it to melt dramatically. The flavours that exude from it reflects the character and terroir of the region those cacao beans were harvested from.

Farmers, not the region, were specially selected for their plantations to produce very specific flavour profiles of chocolates. These award-winning cacao beans that were harvested were made into chocolates in micro-batches to ensure top-notch quality throughout the process. Beau Cacao bars are intricately crafted, with meticulous scrutiny at every detail, including being the most socially responsible, sustainable, and ethical they can be.

Truly, raising the bar with Beau Cacao.