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Fruition Chocolate is an award-winning chocolate maker with the best world’s milk chocolate in its arsenal. Bryan Graham, the founder of Fruition, attributes his long-term interest in baking and pastry to his grandmother, who was an amazing baker. Spending time at her farm in upstate New Your he learned a lot about choosing the right ingredients and to transform them into delicious jellies, jams, tarts, and pies. From a young age, he was passionate about both chocolate and food. At age 18 Bryan was already a Pastry Chef. During his formal study at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) he attended a lecture about how to make chocolate from scratch and he was hooked. Later he and his lectured ended up buying a pan coater – the machine one uses to make chocolate coated almonds – to grind cocoa nibs that CIA used to garnish desserts. It was the first step in studying the process of chocolate making.

Bryan continued to learn the secrets of chocolate making at Jacques Torres Chocolates- another famous artisanal chocolate maker from NYC. His first chocolate bar “was the worst stuff I’ve ever tasted,” Bryan said. “But that didn’t matter. It was my shitty chocolate.”  Now Fruition Chocolate is internationally recognized for its detail-focused process of chocolate making, slow roast and stone grinding of rarest and most delicious cocoa beans. The whole process directed toward to preserve the inherent flavor of the beans. Bryan never was a chocolate snob who thinks that only plain dark chocolate can bear the name of real chocolate. He makes milk and white chocolate. He even uses vanilla. And he does it in a great manner.  Usually, during our chocolate tasting sessions, we hand Fruition’s Maranon Milk chocolate without any comment. We just love to see people’s faces when they try this “Best Milk Chocolate in the World” for the first time. Yes, it is so surprisingly delicious. Fruition Chocolate is a tiny company that consistently wins a lot of awards from Good Food to International Chocolate Awards. The chocolate is loved by everyone from The New Your Times to The Wall Street Journal. 2016 was especially successful for Fruition. Their brand new Maranon Canyon Milk collected three!!! Golden medals during the International Chocolate Award. Fruition is an absolute king of the dark milk category which they called “a great gateway for people to get into more flavourful, unique, dark chocolates.” This bar is remarkably mild chocolate that starts melting on your tongue almost immediately with the fruity notes and traces of walnut and a barely noticeable hint of milk.  And, of course, the chocolate is made from fair trade and organically grown cocoa beans. And only from delicious ones. In the case of Maranon Fruition used very special cocoa beans called Naciounal. Those cocoa beans are known for their white colour which is the sign of low bitterness and high quality. Until recently they thought to have been extinct for 100 years. We love Fruition and we highly recommend to try the whole assortment of dark, dark milk and white chocolate bars. They are all extremely delicious and with a great story.      


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