Shattell - Dark Chocolate - Cuzco Chuncho 70%

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International Chocolate Award winner as the best dark chocolate 2017.
The mythic cacao of Chuncho is a rarely found variety. The ancestral land of the Chuncho people in forests east of the Peruvian Andes where, after conquering the Incas, Pizzaro dispatched Peranzures de Campo Redondo in 1538 to explore a river valley filled with cacao groves now known to flourish long before European contact. This is the earliest extant account of Theobroma trees in the Amazon. Those trees presumably extended toward Bajo (“Lower”) Bení across the border in Bolivia and could be the progenitor of the ‘wild’ Rio Beni cacao, or vice-versa.

Their flavour so renowned that it reverberated down through the centuries as when Fr. Francis Xavier Eder, among the original Western "chocolate critics" wrote back in the middle 1700s that it was considered "the best among all cocoa".

In 2010 geneticists verified that wild cacáo southeast of Cuzco, Peru bears similarities to those Bolivian Benianos.

So this cocoa beans the descendants of the grand cacáo of the Chuncho. And this particular chocolate is of that lineage.


Single-origin Criollo-cacao bar.


Organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter
Weight: 70 g

Maker Description

Shattell is one of those rare examples of chocolate makers located where their core raw material, cocoa bean, is from. In this case, we are talking about Peru. Sattell launched its' chocolate production in Lima in 2009. Since then the company is crafting chocolate from finest criollo cocoa from different areas of Peruvian Amazon.