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Everyone deserves great bean-to-bar chocolate from talented chocolate makers from around the world. 

6 milk chocolate products made by award-winning chocolate makers. The bundle was curated by our team of experienced chocolate experts and supplied directly from the makers. 

Meet chocolate in this bundle.

Our Eco-friendly Wrapping

This gift is a great example of the sustainability and reusability of its' packaging. Chocolates are wrapped in Japanese-style linen fabric that later can be used as home decor or an accessory (bandana wristband, anyone?)

More on our eco-friendly furoshiki.

What is Bean-to-bar?

Bean-to-bar or craft chocolate is a revolutionary concept that has been drastically transforming the chocolate industry. Craft chocolates deviate from mass-produced chocolates in that they represent only the finest and most natural ingredients, can contain rare varieties of cocoa beans, ascertain environmental conservation, and emphasise positive social impact by ensuring a sustainable ecology, community, and economy. Additionally, craft chocolate bars are exceptionally delicious and pure, relatively healthier than mass-produced chocolates, and both the bars and packaging are always beautifully designed.

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Customer Reviews

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Helen Yoon

Chocolate Gift - Milk Chocolate Set

Ruined surprise

My gift wasn’t delivered on time as expected, but a few days after. Totally ruined the surprise 😭😭😭

Hello Ella. We are totally admit the responsibility for the ruined surprise. As we explained to you before it happened because of some technical issues, as your order was passed to our delivery partners on time but they couldn't see it in their system so the delivery hasn't been triggered and we managed to sort it our only on Monday. We totally understand your frustration and hope that at least chocolate bought delayed joy and excitement to the recipient.

Justin Jaramillo

Chocolate Gift - Milk Chocolate Set

Thanks a lot for your 5-star review.

Surprise gift

Gift was received with love.

Isla Daw

Very good selection and quality